Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Kabaalconsulting provides outstanding research, evaluations, baseline, and consulting services to public, private and international organizations in both urban and rural settings across the Somali territories. Kabaalconsulting has developed strong expertise in conducting research, monitoring and evaluation that is adapted to variety of contexts. In each assignment, a specific approach is designed considering the context, stakeholders involved and the program dynamics. Through this we identify lessons learned and good practices, and make recommendations concerning the focus, content, delivery mechanisms and management for improvement and future programming.


In today’s complex world particularly the one of Somali territories, generating credible evidence to base important decisions that affect people’s lives is very significant. Kabaalconsulting provides cutting-edge research services to public, private and development organizations to contribute to the local development. We research on social and economic issues and work with our clients to interpret the findings what it means in the real world.



This is process, performance or formative evaluation. We conduct systematic data collection, analyse it and use the information to track programme’s progress toward achieving its objectives and guide management decisions. We conduct both short-term and long-term monitoring missions including Third Party monitoring for our clients.


We conduct mid-term and endline evaluation. We provide systematic assessment of an activity, project, programme, strategy, policy, topic, theme, sector, operational area or institution’s performance. We focus on expected and achieved accomplishments, examining the results chain (inputs, activities, outputs, outcomes and impacts), processes, contextual factors and causality, in or der to understand progress of an intervention. Our evaluations provide evidence-based information that is credible, reliable and useful. Our clients use the findings, recommendations and learned lessons for fundraising; policy, planning and decision-making.

Technology For Development

Information and communication technology provide a mechanism to reach and engage more people in developing countries. Kabaalconsulting sees this as an opportunity to bring people’s efforts into to solving development challenges they face. Guided by our ‘digital first’ strategy we use technology ethically for all our data collection interventions. Using digital data collection, we save considerable amount of time and resources by removing paper-based systems, printing forms and the need to employ several short-term data entry clerks, which is costly to operate. Our digital technology improves the accuracy and reliability of data collected, hence reducing errors. It makes the data collection quicker, allowing the timely use of data by researchers so promoting greater use, reflection and learning from data collection processes. We advance accountability by recording specific features i.e. GPS, photos, voice, time etc. in the data collection process. Here is simple flow chart of our digital data collection process. It also provides opportunities for participation through champions in the community sending in monitoring data remotely, allowing for quicker adaptation to needs.

Our data collection approach is participatory and ‘learning oriented’ to empower all participants involved. We ensure that the process is transformative and empowering specifically women, girls, youth and marginalized groups. We do this by making our digital technology user-friendly with pictures, animations and using local languages. We also develop the capacities of our enumerators to facilitate empowering space for research participants and ensure that the process is not extractive.

We are innovative, enterprising and progressive firm and working with technology partners in the UK and in the horn of Africa region to test sustainable solutions for the evolving challenges in the communities we work with. We are currently testing modalities of using technology for health, agriculture, market access, elections, education, money transfer and so on for development.

Trade and Investment

System of governance and stability is finally taking root in the Somali territories and investment opportunities are opening. The key sectors include agriculture, livestock, fisheries, oil and mining, trade and marketing, money transfer services, airlines, telecommunications, education, health, construction, hotels and agriculture. we help our clients to secure best trade opportunities and investments in the Somali territories. For example, we will help our clients to understand legal, economic, social and technological issues in the areas they choose to invest. We carry out in-depth due diligence process including comprehensive risk assessment on the investment opportunity for our clients to take informed decisions. If you choose to invest, we will assign for you an experienced dedicated case worker who will walk with you every step of the journey. If you are thinking of investing or just want to know information on specific sector, area or an existing investment don’t hesitate to contact us and we are eager to help you.