Our Mission

To partner with Somali people to deliver sustainable solution to development challenges they face.

Our Vision

Stable and resilient communities in the Somali territories that are able to overcome development challenges and can provide a peaceful and prosperous life for their people.

About Us

Kabaalconsulting provides research and advisory services to public institutions, private entities, local and international organizations in the Somali territories. We bring together the right combination of thinking and systems to design and deliver bespoke sustainable solutions to social challenges, delivered by local and international experts. Our interventions are participatory and ‘learning oriented’ to ensure that processes are transformative and empowering for vulnerable and marginalized groups i.e. women, people with disabilities etc. They facilitate all stakeholders involved to claim their rights. While delivering our interventions, we also invest the capacities of local staff to contribute to local development.

We are legally registered in the areas we operate from.  We have operational bases in Hargeisa, Mogadishu and Garowe and have satellite presence across Somali territories through experienced local researchers. This allows us to collect essential data and information from target audiences in inaccessible areas and implement interventions there. We are also present in the UK to participate decision making platforms that shape the international development thinking. Our main sectors of expertise are:

  • Research, monitoring and evaluation
  • Technology for development
  • Trade and investment


We are growing fast and we are looking like-minded strategic partners to join efforts to maximize the impact of our interventions. If you are interested reach us and we will be happy to further those discussions with you.

Our Values


We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers through high standards and quality services underpinned by entrepreneurship and innovation.


We aspire to live up to the highest standards of ethical conduct with our customers and will always act in their best interest.


We believe that recognizing diversity and including variety of voices in our work can help us to solve the most complex development challenges in developing countries.

Gender Quality

We believe in the equal value of every human being and ensure that both women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities in the work we do.